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Size chart Taking care of "Cherubino" clothes

Size chart

Taking care of "Cherubino" clothes

How to take care of Products from knitted fabrics.

In order for knitwear to last longer and not loose its esthetic look, it requires following some simple, but essential caring rules!

When washing knitwear its important to do it by hand in warm water, or deformation or shrinkage may occur. If, however, you choose to use a washing machine, make sure you use a sensitive mode at a temperature not exceeding 40°С. It is not recommended to soak knitted items for a long time, no more than 20 minutes. Products with a "silk screening" pattern should be turned insid out during washing. It is not recommended to rub and squeeze knitwear – it might lead to the formation of pills.

After washing, it is recommended to simply slightly wring the clothing out and wrap it into a dry towel. After, just put it on a horizontal surface and let it dry. Don’t hang the wet clothes, it might also lead to deformation.

After drying it is prefferable to iron the clothes at temperature no more than 100°С. If a steam iron is not available, please iron the clothes on the reverse side following straight fabric grain at average temperature 150°С.

Dear customers!
To make it easier for You, each "Cherubino" product has a label, that carefully explains the steps of taking a proper care of the products you have purchased.